Event Recap

The experts, who participated at the roundtable, called for exploring multiple approaches to water quality monitoring and setting standards for the country to follow. A national water quality monitoring protocol, they felt, could be one of the ways to guide institutions on how to increase efficiency and accuracy of monitoring.

The experts also recommended developing a Water Quality Report, which can be a reference document for policymakers as well as those working in this domain. It was suggested that documentation of good practices can convince government about the transformation that can be brought.

The experts also proposed creation of a network of hydrologists, doctors, technology people and social entrepreneurs who would collaboratively look at every component of water monitoring.


Roundtable on Water Quality

Event Description

This roundtable, hosted by the Tata Centre for Development at UChicago in collaboration with International Innovation Corps, will deliberate on a wide range of issues related to water quality monitoring. Researchers, policy advocates, and on-the-ground practitioners will come together to discuss how to create actionable data on water pollution, influence policy, and boost India’s potential to fight pollution in its rivers.

At a time when there is an enormous need for monitoring and mapping water quality at high spatial and temporal resolution, this roundtable gives a platform to discuss the future of gathering and disseminating water quality data. The roundtable will also explore opportunities to collaborate on creating a common platform to address water quality challenges.

Registration for this event is by invite only.


Friday, January 11, 2019

2:30 pm–3:00 pm


3:00 pm–3:05 pm

Welcome Address: Dr. Leni Chaudhuri, Country Director, Tata Centre for Development, UChicago

3:05 pm–3:10 pm

Water-to-Cloud Program: Prof Supratik Guha, Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago

3:10 pm–3:10 pm

Roundtable: Participant Introduction

3:10 pm

Session I: Making Data Actionable

4:10 pm–4:55 pm

Session II: Making Cross-Sectoral Linkages

4:55 pm–5:00 pm

Closing Remarks: Shriya Sethi, Associate Director, Projects, International Innovation Corps, UChicago


  • Supratik Guha

    Professor at Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago
  • Jagdish Kumar Bassin

    Chief Scientist & Head, CSIR-NEERI
  • Pawan Labhasetwar

    Head of Water Technology & Management, CSIR-NEERI
  • Raman VR

    Head of Policy, WaterAid
  • Sanjib Pohit

    Professor, NCAER
  • Mriganka Saxena

    Senior Consultant, Delhi Jal Board
  • Kavita Shah

    Dean, Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development (IESD) at BHU
  • Sukanya Randhawa

    AI researcher at IBM and co-creator of GangaWatch App
  • Samuel Rajkumar

    Foundation for Environmental Monitoring
  • Sumit Gautam

    Senior Programme Lead, CEEW
  • Devin Miller

    Co-Founder & CTO at NextDrop Technologies
  • Samrat Basak

    Director – Urban Water, World Resources Institute
  • Nalin Patel

    Waterscope, Cambridge University
  • Vidyarthi

    Central Pollution Control Board
  • Smita Rakesh

    Tata Trust & Social Alpha