Join us for the screening of 'Aayi Gayi', directed by Anandana Kapur and produced by Tata Centre for Development, on Jan 31 at India Habitat Centre

Event Description

In Bihar, where “Sarkar mera bada bhai hai…” (The government is my older brother) is the righteous response to why one may illegally acquire electricity connections or not pay bills, a team of academics work on the ground to activate RLSS, Revenue Linked Supply Scheme, and are met with various degrees of opposition and success.

The film explores the complex relationships people have with the State through the lens of electricity. Is it a right? Or is it a commodity? In a country with limited resources, can it be a social right if the government needs funds to keep the grid functional? And if so, can the normalization of non-payment of bills be reversed? Is it possible to create an ideal citizenry?

Aayi Gayi, which won at the 7th Woodpecker International Film Festival, also catalogues how one of the largest social science experiments is uncovering a systemic problem and solution to improve access to electricity.

This hour-long film, a collaborative project of Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago, India – EPIC-India and Tata Centre for Development at UChicago, explores the complex relationships people in Bihar have with the State through the lens of electricity. The screening is hosted by Kriti: a development praxis and communication team.

The screening will be followed by a discussion and Q&A with the filmmaker, Anandana Kapur.