The first-of-its-kind program in India to rate industrial plants based on their emission puts emphasis on information disclosure to allow citizens to engage with environmental governance in an informed manner

“Maharashtra is the first state in the entire country to seriously engage with the public disclosure program. Its star rating program is without peer globally and it marks them as a leader. While many other countries have had public disclosure programs before; none has been subjected to the kind of testing like that of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. It highlights them and anoints them as a leader in devising environmental policies that actually deliver results for citizens,” says Michael Greenstone, Distinguished Milton Friedman Professor in Economics, and Director of Tata Centre for Development and Energy Policy Institute at University of Chicago.

After the success of the Star Rating Program in Maharashtra, it was replicated in Odisha (2018) and Jharkhand (2019). The video tracks the ongoing program in three states and narrates how the public disclosure of pollution data is engaging citizens and policymakers.

“I think the Star Rating Program has the potential to expand across all the states in India, precisely because it is engaging citizens and working to deliver a better environment for the people in India”. Michael Greenstone