With $1.15 million in new grant awards, TCD expands its research portfolio and forays into new thematic areas

Can we increase awareness about genetic basis of cancer? When and how can policy intervene to close gender inequality in education and innovation? How do Indian consumers respond to energy prices? How did logistics-related reforms affect movement of goods within the country and domestic trade? These, and many more questions will be probed into by a bunch of new research projects that the Tata Centre for Development at UChicago has selected for 2019-2020.

With the second round of grant worth $1.15 million, total number of research projects under TCD’s fold has now reached 38.

Thirteen projects were selected by a majority external review committee from a competitive pool of 28 applications. These new projects will expand the scope of UChicago faculty, researchers, and students from different schools and disciplines to continue TCD’s work of connecting world class research at UChicago to impact in India.

Besides foraying into new thematic areas such as Behavioral Economics, the new projects add to the methodological diversity—quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods—that UChicago leverages to answer pressing questions. A clear focus of inquiry, a compelling rationale, and potential for improving policies are common to these projects.

Since 2016, TCD at UChicago has been contributing new, evidence-based solutions to difficult policy and development problems in areas of Education, Energy & Environment, Health & Medicine, Public Finance, Social Entrepreneurship, Water & Sanitation, and Urban Development.

Learn more about our newest projects:

Closing Gender Gap in Education and Innovation

Effects of Policy-induced Transportation Bottlenecks on Flow of Goods in India

Youth in India: Understanding Young People as Citizens and Resources for Development

Behavioral Economics of Fake News: Motivated Beliefs, Motivated Memory, and Problem of Debunking

Electricity Prices, Consumption, and Bill Payment: Evidence from Urban India

Comparison of Results of Genetic Testing in Breast Cancer Patients: A Prospective Study in North India

Effect of Supply Side Distortions on Electricity Sector: Evidence from India